Resource Roundup for Academic Librarians

Academic_Resource_blogIt’s been a few months since our first resource roundup for academic librarians—a list of blogs, articles, social media accounts and more, curated by BCC to make it easier for you to stay updated on library news and serve your campus community.

Today’s blog is dedicated to the latest resources we’ve found (and created ourselves)—to arm you with even more knowledge and tools to help you thrive.

When you want to advance your research…

  • Visit The Librarian Parlor, an awesome blog that provides tips on improving your research skills, finding book deals, getting the most out of conferences and much more—authored by a team of academic librarians dedicated to helping other librarians achieve their scholarly goals. (The Librarian Parlor)
  • Read this reflection on balancing librarian research with assisting students and faculty, and helping other librarians do the same. (ACRLog)
  • Visit A Library Writer’s Blog, a blog geared specifically towards academic librarians interested in pursuing more publishing and presentation opportunities. (A Library Writer’s Blog)
  • Use these time management tips to improve your productivity when you’re writing and editing. (ACRLog)
  • When you struggle with writer’s block, anxiety or time management issues, watch this adorable puppy video. (BCC Research)
  • Here’s how to make sure your research has an impact wider than that of academics. (Idea Spies)
  • Reframe the pressure to publish so that you can actually get work done. (ACRLog) 

When you’ve been asked to make budget cuts…

When you’re working with your undergrads…

How else can we help you and your academic library thrive? Schedule a free trial of our library of market research!

Written by Sarah Greenberg on Sep 9, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Sarah Greenberg is the Manager of Content Marketing at BCC Research. She creates our blog, social media and email content.

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