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Connected Medical Devices: Bridging the Gap (A Recap)

Posted by BCC Research Editorial on Dec 14, 2017 11:00:00 AM
IMG_3074.jpgBCC Research’s live event about the future of the connected medical devices market explored the market, technology, users and applications for connected medical devices—an emerging and fast-growing market, especially in the wearables and consumer segments.
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What to Expect from Cyber Threats in 2018? The Same, Experts Warn

Posted by Jeff Schmerker on Dec 13, 2017 2:15:00 PM

iStock-671400360.jpgIf you thought cybercrimes were big in 2017, just wait for next year.

“2017 was a year dominated by news of data breaches and new cybersecurity threats, from major hacks affecting companies like Equifax and Verizon to ransomware attacks such as the global WannaCry incident,” reported security trends site CSO. “It stands to reason then that we will see more of the same in 2018, with corporations, governments, public bodies and even political campaigns all likely targets.”

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FDA Approves First Digital Pill in Growing Medication Adherence Market

Posted by Laurie L. Sullivan on Dec 11, 2017 11:00:00 AM

PHM182A_BlogPhoto.jpegA higher incidence of chronic diseases worldwide and the demand for advanced medication adherence systems are fueling growth in this market, which has the potential to surpass $3.9 billion by 2021. A new study by BCC Research examines the industry’s prospects and technologies by disease applications and geographical regions.

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Topics: Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals

Hydrogel and Kevlar: Bulletproof Materials Could Replace Cartilage

Posted by Clayton Luz on Dec 8, 2017 2:15:39 PM
BulletProof_Vest.jpgMore than 30 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), the most common type of arthritis. The damage or breakdown of joint cartilage between bones mostly causes OA, which is sometime called degenerative joint disease or “wear and tear” arthritis.
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