How Academic Faculty Benefit From Market Research

How Academic Faculty Benefit From Market Research


Mar 27, 2020

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We all know that students reap massive benefits from market research. But we don’t always consider how much academic faculty can benefit from it, as well.

From helping students with special research projects to knowing the future of their academic specialty and academia overall, market research is a crucial tool for aiding faculty in achieving their goals.

We also know that faculty members are busy and taking the time to identify the right type of research adds to their ever-growing to-do list.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the heavy lifting for you.

Below you’ll find links and resources for a few different aspects of your job, connecting you to the market research you need to succeed.

Market Research for Lesson Planning
How does market research aid in lesson planning, you might ask? Good question! Think of market research as the key to supporting the content you’re presenting with important data. It can also give you interesting questions or topics to discuss to ensure that students are thinking of the future just as much as the present.

  • Here’s a more in-depth article on the benefits of market research for lesson planning. 
  • This article provides data on how market research can help assess the viability of new programs.

Market Research for Assisting Students with Special Research Projects
Students have fantastic ideas, which sometimes manifest into intriguing school projects. However, with these special assignments, they’ll need some help. It’s in a situation like this that market research can be a crucial element to their success. If you are aware of how to navigate the realm of market research, you can be their guiding light to finding the key pieces of data needed.

  • Our recent blog provides insight via an interview with a professor and Writing Director at Bates College.
  • This article gives a great overview on the importance of market research for the school in general. 

Market Research and Collaboration
When you’re collaborating on a project with other faculty members, market research can help you solidify your plan and craft an amazing presentation. It gives you the confidence to stand in front of a group at an academic conference and present your speech, knowing exactly where the information that’s on your slides is pulled from.

  • This article showcases how market research helps you get clear on what you want to present.
  • This article highlights some benefits of market research for a project.

Market Research and the Future of Academia 
Just as it is important for students to know the direction of their future industry, it’s important for you as a faculty member to know where the future of academia lays. This can be narrowed down to specific fields of school or the general state of universities.

  • Most students will end up working a job that has yet to exist. This is one reason market research is key to understanding the future, as is made known in this article
  • It’s not just the school setup that is undergoing change. Research itself is changing, as is described here.
  • Here is market research on the future of the education sector.
  • If you’re in the tech transfer realm, we wrote a free whitepaper for you.

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