Goal Setting Resources for Tech Transfer Offices

Goal Setting Resources for Tech Transfer Offices


Feb 5, 2020

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As the spring semester comes into full swing, your task list is probably getting longer. That’s where goal setting and planning comes in. We know that it can be intimidating to get started, so we’re here to give you a leg up with the process.

To best help you and the students you work with achieve your goals, we’ve come back with another resource roundup—a compilation of articles, social media accounts and more, curated with your needs in mind.

From tips to successfully setting goals to using market research to do so, we’ve got you covered.


Tips for Setting Goals

Below is a list of resources for the entrepreneurs you support, and the faculty who helps them, that provides concrete steps, tips and processes when it comes to goal setting.

  • Here is a solid breakdown of business development skills for TTO staff to focus on, starting with matching SMART objectives to your mission. (techtransfercentral.com)
  • Goal setting isn’t a to-do that should be half-heartedly performed. This Ted Talk explains why setting the right goals is the key to success. (TED)
  • Goal setting is vital at each stage of one’s plan. This article breaks down setting short through long term goals. (toriemathis.com)

How Market Research Helps with Goal Setting

Market research plays a huge role for tech transfer offices. It’s key to understanding the industries in which students are working, imperative to know what key insights to present to venture capitalists, and to create realistic goals. Below is a compilation of resources to help you have a solid grasp on the importance of market research in the formation of your goals.

  • Market research is the foundation for any new business idea. This article helps understand how to identify customer needs, which ties directly to the overarching goal an entrepreneur will have. (MarketResearch.com)
  • Market research will give you the confidence your students need to create a solid business plan. This article breaks that down. (Entrepreneur)
  • Another key focus, market research helps size up your competition, which again ties directly in with one’s goal making. (MarketResearch.com)
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In-Depth Insights for Tech Transfer Professionals
A big part in knowing how to set goals, and to help others set goals, is to have a solid understanding of your field, and the direction that it’s headed. Below is a list of in-depth insights to help give you the edge you’re looking for.

  • Here are is a list of articles that range from best practices to technology evaluation and market research. (Funtek)
  • AUTM’s Annual Meeting, held in San Diego this March, will be packed full of information that is extremely relevant for Tech Transfer Offices. BCC will be at booth 404! (AUTM) 
  • Here is a survey that compiles key insights gained from 35 technology transfer offices, giving you a solid understanding of where most TTOs operate. (Deerfield)

Key Insights from BCC Social Media  

In case you’ve missed it, we posted some great resources for entrepreneurs on Twitter: 

How will #techtransfer evolve in the future? @AUTM will continue to play big role in creating standardization and opportunities for TTOs to share ideas and test methodologies in person. Read about it here. 

What better way to explain #MarketResearch than through a delicious food analogy? #pizza Read about it here.

When pitching to investors, inventors need to focus on the opportunity that their #innovation will create. Briefly explain how the innovation works, then more on to why it’s a great opportunity for investors. #techtransfer

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