What Our Members Are Up To Pt. 3

What Our Members Are Up To Pt. 3


Aug 28, 2020

Blog Market Research What Our Members Are Up To Pt. 3

We're back with another installment of our series, What Our Members Are Up To, where we get a chance to brag about our what our members are up to—their accomplishments, the many ways they’re creating impact in their fields and more.

Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.

Here's what our members—academic institutions, tech transfer offices, commercialization outfits, small businesses, large corporate organizations--have done lately.

Academic Members—University and College Libraries

  • University of Cincinnati is making face masks with silk, a fabric that repels airborne viruses better than other household fabrics.
  • Rice University received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA to use a ventilator that their engineering lab created for emergency resuscitation during COVID.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University just launched an academic program on the art of podcasting.
  • University of Pittsburgh received $1 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation to study the many ways that autonomous vehicles can help improve mobility for people with disabilities.
  • Babson College pivoted to remote learning so smoothly that they're an inspiration to other schools.

Tech Transfer Members—Tech Transfer Offices, Commercialization Outfits

  • University of Groningen's tech transfer office located in The Netherlands is the newest member of the BCC family. Welcome!
  • University of Georgia ranked #10 for productivity in generating innovation impact among large universities.
  • Cleveland Clinic collaborated with Clorox to develop a free online guide on general COVID19 prevention, communicating with loved ones and handling emotional challenges.
  • Wayne State University chemists have teamed up with campus pharmacists to manufacture hand sanitizer for local police departments.

Corporate Members—Large Organizations, Small Businesses, Mid-Size Companies in Varied Industries

  • Janssen has reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to create and enhance manufacturing and delivery capacities for the company's COVID19 vaccine candidate.
  • Gilson found a way to produce high yields of impurity-free CBD products in an efficient, cost-effective way, through chromatographic purification.
  • Two of our members--Analog Devices and Intel--are making it easier and more affordable for companies to scale their 5G networks.
  • Bio-Rad launched a new lab startup program to help scientists begin a new project or lab economically and efficiently.

You know what we’re going to say next. One thing that all of these amazing companies and institutions have in common is that they’re members with BCC. They use our market research to stay ahead of their competitors, engage in innovative research, support students and entrepreneurs in producing great work and more.

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    Sarah Greenberg

    Written By Sarah Greenberg

    Sarah Greenberg is the Manager of Content Marketing at BCC Research. She creates our blog, social media and email content.

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