Let’s Make Every Day Earth Day

Let’s Make Every Day Earth Day


Apr 22, 2016

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Today marks the 46th year of the “Earth Day” movement. As a child you might have participated in a school play on recycling, made an Earth out of clay in art class, planted a tree, or at some point did all three! As an adult, if the “green initiative” isn’t part of your everyday life, April 22nd may come and go without giving any thought to Earth Day.

So, what around the world is being done for Earth Day? As you may recall, on December 12, 2015, an agreement was reached at the World Climate Summit in Paris to cut emissions with the goal of limiting the rise in global temperatures to below 2 degrees. That agreement, known as the Paris Agreement, is being signed by 170 world leaders, and counting, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as we speak. “This Paris Agreement is perhaps the world’s biggest leap forward in climate change policy in history,” says John D. Sutter of CNN.

As significant as the agreement is, climate change takes place if everyone does their part. A way to begin is by educating yourself and a great place to do that is the Earth Day Network. Are you aware that this movement began in 1970? In preparation for the 50th anniversary in 2020, the Earth Day Network is launching a series of initiatives, one of them being the theme for Earth Day 2016: Tress for the Earth. The organization has set a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by that anniversary in 2020.

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A great way to receive news is through social media platforms by following #EarthDay and #ParisAgreement. Now, let’s go make every day Earth Day!







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