Infographic: 4 Fastest-Growing Markets In Self-Service Kiosks

Infographic: 4 Fastest-Growing Markets In Self-Service Kiosks


Apr 2, 2021

Blog Information Technology Infographic: 4 Fastest-Growing Markets In Self-Service Kiosks

What Are Self-Service Kiosks 

A self-service kiosk is an interactive device that enables a customer to conduct some sort of transaction or facilitate a service at their convenience.  

Self-service kiosks are being used more and more at quick-service restaurants, where they can help reduce ordering and waiting time. Kiosks are also very useful for checking in and out of hotels; offices use them to check in their inventories; and airports deploy them to enable consumers to check in to a flight to save the consumers and the airlines time.  

Prior to kiosk technology being widely adopted, cost-conscious businesses had to choose between slower service with fewer employees of more employees to provide quicker service.  

Now, kiosks make it possible to provide quick servicelimit the number of employees providing service and reduce human interaction, which, in the wake of coronavirus, has boosted the market significantly. 

To help you stay updated on the growth that U.S. market for self-service kiosks is experiencing now and will see in the near future, we put together a list of four fast-growing markets you should know. 


Bitcoin Kiosks: 43.9% CAGR  

Projected Revenue: $211 Million by 2025 from $34.2 Million in 2020  

Self-Ordering Kiosks22.6% CAGR  

Projected Revenue: $383.4 Billion by 2025 from $138.2 Billion in 2020 

Check-Out Kiosks21.2% CAGR  

Projected Revenue: $485.9 Million by 2025 from $185.5 Million in 2020  

Digital Signage Kiosks19.9CAGR 

Projected Revenue: $797.2 Million by 2025 from $321.9 Billion in 2020 

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