“How to Dissect a Market Opportunity” Q&A with Speaker Gordon Nameni

“How to Dissect a Market Opportunity” Q&A with Speaker Gordon Nameni

Blog Market Research “How to Dissect a Market Opportunity” Q&A with Speaker Gordon Nameni

In anticipation for Gordon Nameni’s upcoming webinar “How to Dissect a Market Opportunity,” we are reposting a blog from last year. In the blog, Gordon shares more about the topics covered in this presentation, which he gave at a BCC Research live event in Boston and to students at Harvard University. 

From your experience in market research, what prompted “How to Dissect a Market Opportunity”?

As a management consultant, I worked on many projects with companies that had already made an investment in a particular technology before properly assessing the size of the market. When I received the invitation to speak at the 6th Annual Ceramic Business and Leadership Summit by ACerS, I felt that the audience would benefit from market research insights in the context of sizing up opportunities before investments are made. The feedback was positive, so BCC Research decided to host the talk for our members and the community at large.

In what ways do you think that all companies — regardless of size and industry — can benefit from attending and learning more about dissecting a market opportunity?

Rigorous market analysis ahead of business decisions regarding technology investment, market entry, product launch and R&D projects cannot only help save costs but also focus a team’s effort and actually lead to new opportunities. Knowing basic market analysis and applying this to the front end of any technical and business development effort can save invaluable time and money for any size company in any industry.

What do you think will be among the most helpful techniques/topics discussed?

I think that all of the topics covered are important for companies seeking ways to sharpen their market execution. With that said, I think that second section of the talk will likely stand out as the most important as it will cover lateral thinking and the framework to uncover market adjacencies that can lead to product innovations and market expansion.

Why is learning effective market analysis techniques and the latest concepts in strategic marketing important?

Investments in staying abreast of market analysis techniques not only helps individuals become better consumers of market research (understanding which reports to select and what they actually mean), but it also lowers poor market execution.

What’s one thing you hope everyone who attends this event will walk away knowing?

I hope that everyone can understand that the market research report is just the first step in really getting the value of market analysis for business.

Gordon Nameni will present “How to Dissect a Market Opportunity” as a webinar on July 18, 2018. Register here – you won’t want to miss it!

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