BCC And Friends: On COVID19 And The Automotive Industry

Our Senior Editor Tim McLean sat down with BCC analyst Robert Eckard for a brief discussion about how the automotive market will shift as a result of corvonavirus.


Robert is currently working on a comprehensive study about corona and the automotive market that we will share soon. For now, his short analysis is below:

When it comes to COVID-19’s affect on the automotive industry, it’s variable regionally so far. Things are shutting down on the coasts—especially in Washington and New York, as you might expect.

Parts supply chains still seem mostly intact, but nobody is thinking about purchases at least at this moment. All hands to deal with business restructuring for private fleets. Some pub fleets are diverting their attention to support the medical system.

To complement Robert’s thoughts, here is a bit of additional news about how automotive companies are adjusting to COVID-19:

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Written by Sarah Greenberg on Mar 30, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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