Webinar Recap: 3D Cell Culture Market Growing at 36% CAGR

Webinar Recap: 3D Cell Culture Market Growing at 36% CAGR

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The market for 3D cell culture is set to revolutionize cancer treatment (both safety and efficacy), central nervous system (CNS) research and stem cell applications for drug testing and the development of regenerative medicine and cell therapy treatments.  
In a live BCC Research-hosted webinar on January 24, 2018, Robert G. Hunter, BCC Research senior editor, healthcare, presented updated forecasts for his 2017 report 3D Cell Cultures: Technologies and Global Markets. The report provides historical background, surveys the market for 3D cell culture technology and examines opportunities for future growth. While the 2017 report originally forecast the market to grow at a 32.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2016-2021, his more recent update published in December indicates an even more robust 36% CAGR through 2022. 
Much of the recent 3D cell culture technology has immerged from innovations in artificial skin, especially tissue engineered for burns and wound repair. Recent applications for this technology have emerged from companies pursuing less regulated and less capital-intensive commercial pathways, including the testing of new drug candidates and cosmetics.
“That’s largely shaped what we see now in terms of the commercial landscape and technologies, particularly the more sophisticated models which are known as organoids,” said Hunter.
In comparison to 2D cell cultures, which restrict cells and their experience with gravity, 3D cell cultures offer several advantages. They more closely mimic human physiology, making them superior for testing new drug candidates. Further, research can be better reproduced across labs and institutions with more rational assay responses.
According to Hunter, BCC Research reports on the topic are increasingly focused on the applications of 3D cell cultures as opposed to the new technologies. The latest report identifies several new applications and categories, as the technology has matured in only the last few years.
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In order to find viable commercial success, companies will have to understand this dynamic landscape.
“Commercial strategies really require an awareness of both the research and clinical market opportunities,” he said.
Over the next 5 years, the 3D cell culture global market is expected $1.4 billion at a 36% CAGR through 2022. For more information on the market for 3D cell culture technologies, visit the report details page on the BCC Research website. BCC Research Members can access the complete video of this webinar in the Member Library.

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