Turnkey Solution Allows Firms to Develop IoT Products in a Day

Turnkey Solution Allows Firms to Develop IoT Products in a Day


Feb 27, 2018

Blog Information Technology Turnkey Solution Allows Firms to Develop IoT Products in a Day

You’ve heard about the 4-hour work week?

What about developing a smart device in 24 hours?

What about launching that smart device for mass production in 15 days?

Got a minute to spare?

This 60-second-to-read blog discusses how one company claims its smart platform can help companies develop versions of their products for the Internet of Things (IoT) in a single day. This global IoT OS provider touts the U.S. version of its platform also can help companies bring smart versions of those devices to production in just two weeks and a day.

Last January, China-based Tuya debuted at the 2018 CES a one-stop smart platform system that offers hardware access, cloud services and app development in a synchronized end-to-end process that, at its fastest, can create controlling apps for products in minutes. The platform also boasts the ability to turn a standard product into a smart one within 24 hours, as well as enable manufacturers to launch mass production within 15 days.

The announcement no doubt intrigues the many companies whose product launches were thwarted by those most common of bugaboos: lack of a unified application platform and low interoperability between devices.

Tuya’s zero-code OEM automated application generation engine service enables firms to design and develop their own distinctive app within minutes by choosing from a variety of modules and then branding them with their own logos. In addition to hardware interfaces, the company also is a developer of A.I. functionalities, which boots its ability to enable manufacturers to pivot to smart devices affordably and quickly.

Companies using the Tuya system can also upgrade traditional supply chains with artificial intelligence capabilities. The system is also supported by big data capabilities that enable geolocation and environment-sensing features. These features can help manufacturers reduce their R&D cost and time to market, while gaining user behavior insights.

"From homes and schools, to offices and factories, smart living will become a norm in the highly connected IoT world of the future,” says Jerry Wang, Tuya’s CEO. “Tuya hopes to be the 'gateway' to this smart world, serving as the AI and IoT catalyst for manufacturers and helping them to bring smart devices to consumers faster and more efficiently.”

The Tuya smart platform also borrows from the company’s website, where clients can pick and choose from a range of products such as smart lighting, smart switches and a robot cleaner, configure its features via picklists and consult on getting the product built. The company also claims to offer long-term support for the devices its platform helps to create.

In its January analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) Networks: Technologies and Global Markets to 2022, BCC Research estimates the global market for IoT networking solutions will grow from $392.1 billion in 2017 to $1.0 trillion by 2022, indicating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6%.

This comprehensive report analyzes global market trends, with data from 2016, estimates for 2017, and projections of CAGRs through 2022. It examines the market by technology, application, product specifications, and region. Detailed discussions of key vertical markets and applications, insight into the mobile network operator and enterprise strategies, and key company profiles also are provided.

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