The Unsung Heroes of the Commercial Vehicle Sector - Specialty Commercial Vehicles

The Unsung Heroes of the Commercial Vehicle Sector - Specialty Commercial Vehicles


Dec 18, 2015

Blog Sensors The Unsung Heroes of the Commercial Vehicle Sector - Specialty Commercial Vehicles

They sweep and vacuum up the debris, plow and blow snow, spread snow and ice melting traction materials to keep us safe on the roadways. They suck the debris out of storm drains to keep us from hydroplaning on the roadways in heavy rains. They vacuum debris out of sanitary sewers and toxic waste spills and tanks to preserve our health and that of the environment. They collect our household and business refuse and recyclables.

In the construction and re-construction arena they haul bulk materials, palatalized materials and concrete. They pump concrete to the furthest reaches of building sites where the concrete hauling trucks cannot reach. And last but not least, they carry our tools and hoist us up high to do aerial work.

They are not exciting or sexy like large long-haul class 8 extended sleeper trucks. These are the unsung heroes of the commercial vehicle sector called specialty commercial vehicles, vocational trucks, work trucks, etc. The bodies for street sweeper vehicles, the snow plows, snow blowers, salt and aggregate spreaders, brine sprayers, storm sewer and catch basin cleaners, industrial vacuum trucks refuse and recycling collection trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumpers, straight flatbed trucks, and utility work trucks.

Individually it is a very fragmented market, but the global total is far from insignificant. The specialty vehicle bodies themselves are a $17 billion market and estimated to grow at a 4.2% CAGR to $21 billion by 2020. The chassis cabs that the bodies are mounted on add an additional $48 billion and are estimated to grow at a 3.8% CAGR to $61 billion by 2020, for a total market of $65 billion today increasing at a 4.1% CAGR to $83 billion by 2020

For much more very in-depth details on the specialty commercial vehicle market, the competitors, the market economics and 5-year specialty commercial vehicle body and chassis cab forecasts, for each of the nine specialty commercial vehicle types, in each of the four major global regions, please go to the full market research report at:

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    Jon T. Gabrielsen

    Written By Jon T. Gabrielsen


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