Resources for Venture Capitalists

Resources for Venture Capitalists


Nov 29, 2019

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As venture capitalists, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why it’s important for us here at BCC Research to provide you with resources that make your job easier. To best help you, we’ve come back with another resource roundup—a compilation of articles, social media accounts and more, designed with your needs in mind.

From guidance for new venture capitalists, to understanding which markets look promising as we move into the new year, we’ve got you covered.

Books and Articles on Venture Capitalism

For those of you who are just entering or about to enter the world of venture capitalism, it’s important to have a good grasp of the industry. Below are a list of resources for new venture capitalists, and seasoned VCs who would like to brush up on their skills, all of which will give you a better understanding on the job and what it entails.

  • Here is a comprehensive list of books for new and aspiring venture capitalists. (Medium)
  • Venture Capitalism can be a tricky market to understand. This article will help you grasp what the industry is all about. (MatterMark)
  • The National Venture Capital Association works to provide you with all the resources you need to create and manage portfolios. (NVCA)
  • You can never have too long of a reading list. This article gives you more resources to understand and navigate the world of venture capitalism. (

The State of Venture Capitalism in 2019 and Beyond

While it’s crucial to stay on top of trends occurring in various industries, it’s just as important to have an understanding of where the entire field of VC is heading. Below are resources that provide insights into the top trends that have occurred throughout the past year, as well as the trajectory of the VC field as a whole.

  • Understanding the state of Venture Capitalism in 2019 is key to preparing for the new year. (
  • This article goes into the top three industries to invest in by 2020. (Angle Kings) 
  • Here is a more detailed account of the cybersecurity market and the opportunities that come with it. (
  • It’s important to know where the future of Venture Capitalism is headed. This article goes into that exact topic, according to a ‘triple unicorn’ investor. (Forbes) 

Events and Conferences for Venture Capitalists: 

There’s no better way to get the latest insight into industry trends than by attending live events. Below are a list of global conferences and events that could be very beneficial to attend.

  • This article provides a list of the biggest global events for venture capitalists to learn about their business. (
  • Florida hosts the ‘Annual Florida Venture Capital Conference’, a prominent capital investment-centric event. Information on their 2020 event is already posted on their site.
  • This article gives you a list of 11 conferences that you ‘can’t miss’ if you’re a venture capitalist.
  • As one of Europe’s most prominent events, the TNW conference attracts venture capitalists from around the world. 

Key Insights from BCC Social Media

In case you’ve missed it, we posted some great resources for investors and venture capitalists on Twitter:

A great example of how #investors can use our #marketresearch on topics like #DNAsequencing. Thanks for referencing us, @SeekingAlpha. Read about it here.

Researchers in #agtech only get 1-2x per yr to do their study bc it’s seasonal. Investors and regulators need to be educated about this. #AUTM2019Eastern

Helpful resources for #VentureCapitalists—a list of #blogs, articles and #socialmedia accounts to help #VCs make better investment decisions and excel in their career! Read the article here.

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