Q&A: Connected Medical Devices Dec. 5 Event

Q&A: Connected Medical Devices Dec. 5 Event

Blog Information Technology Q&A: Connected Medical Devices Dec. 5 Event

On Tuesday December 5, BCC Research’s Senior Editors Michael Sullivan and Robert G. Hunter will give a presentation on the market for connected medical devices. We asked Michael Sullivan a few questions about what they’ll be sharing. A few seats remain to attend the event, so Register Today!
  1. As a combined presentation, what perspective will you be sharing?
I will be providing a market definition, trends and forecast analysis, while Robert will provide a case example to illustrate the ecosystem and the device-specific capabilities required to deliver the solution in healthcare applications. It’s our intention that the presentation provides a comprehensive overview of this nascent, high growth market and helps answer anyone’s questions about where the biggest growth opportunities lie.
2. Will you expand on research from the recent report “Connected Medical Device Technologies: Global Markets for Sensors, Platforms and Processors”?
We certainly will be covering the report’s topics and market forecasts, but since it is a live event, we’ll also be adding our own insights and commentary to the information in the report.
3. How will the markets and technologies, such as remote monitoring systems and diagnostics, be addressed?
Along with wearables, remote monitoring and diagnostics are two of the primary uses fueling expanding investment in connected medical devices. At the event, we will discuss the key drivers for these solutions and explain why they’re leading the market.
 4. How will attendees be able to use and apply the information from this presentation?
Anyone who attends the event will receive actionable information to help inform their development and usage of connected medical devices. The presentation and Q&A session format will give people the chance to not only learn about the market, but to really engage with it—future trends and developments, which might help inform their own investment projects.
5. Who is the intended audience—healthcare providers, investors, tech developers, etc.?  
Really, all three can benefit from this information as users, backers and creators of the technology. Since we (the presenters) are specialists in the life sciences and information technology, our experience as editors and analysts really allows us to give a more comprehensive overview of the market that will meet the needs of many different connected wearable devices investors and stakeholders.
6. What’s one thing you hope everyone who attends this event will walk away with a better understanding?
It really all comes down to answering these things: The current growth acceleration in connected medical devices, why it’s happening and where and how they can benefit from it. 
For more information about the event, visit the Upcoming Events page on our website. We hope to see you in Boston!

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