Our Very First White Paper—An Origin Story

Our Very First White Paper—An Origin Story


Aug 19, 2020

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To celebrate the launch of our White Paper Library, we want to tell you how we came up with the idea for our very first white paper.

Picture it. February 2020. We were preparing for an in-person event. Remember those?

We wanted to create an amazing freebie for the innovation and commercialization professionals who were going to be stopping by the BCC Research booth.

So we decided to contact a few innovation experts, see if they’d let us interview them and gather their answers in a beautifully designed white paper that we could hand out at the event.

And we did. We got amazing interviews, added thoughtful commentary and action items, put our copy into a simple, yet elegant design and had our finished product printed and delivered to our CEO in Boston to take to the event.

Then COVID-19 happened. The event was canceled.

We were left with 50+ copies of our beautiful white paper and no feasible way to deliver that content to the people who could get the most use out of it.

We felt a mix of emotions that many people felt at that time—disappointed that an event we worked so hard to prepare for was canceled...and officially freaked out by coronavirus.

Luckily, inspiration struck. We decided to put the white paper on our website (see it below!) as a free download. We promoted it to our members, email list, social media followers and everyone who registered for the event.

Future_Of_TTOAnd it was a hit! The innovation and commercialization community loved the expert insight and tangible guidance we gave them.

After seeing how successful that white paper was, we decided to create a few more—on specific markets like cryptocurrency, AI and plant-based protein.

Our white papers became such a hit (and so much fun to write) that my team and I wanted to find a way to provide exclusive interviews and industry data on even more technologies and markets.

So we put our heads together and created the White Paper Library.

Our White Paper Library is perfect for innovators, academics, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who want to...

  1. Save time and energy on researching what’s happening in industries that are tangential, yet useful to your main field of work or study.
  2. Identify potential market competitors, industry partners and funders.
  3. Spark ideas, inspiration and action on new business and research ideas, creative problem solving and next steps on projects.

Basically, Monthly Access to our White Paper Library is an affordable way to get a quick, heavily informed look around at what you might be missing, and what could activate the next step in your research.

We’d love for you to explore our library now and gain access to all of our white papers (plus some great bonuses!).

Explore our white paper library

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    Sarah Greenberg

    Written By Sarah Greenberg

    Sarah Greenberg is the Manager of Content Marketing at BCC Research. She creates our blog, social media and email content.

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