Industry Insights From Ten Experts

Industry Insights From Ten Experts


Apr 15, 2021

Blog Market Research Industry Insights From Ten Experts

When we develop market research, we go way beyond revenue projections and market sizing (though we cover those in depth, of course). We interview major players in every industry we cover and ask them where they see their industry going in the next five to ten years—to give you practical, on-the-ground market insights that supports decision making in your organization. 

Below is a selection of insights we gathered from ten industry experts about the future of their market, along with links to our full reports for a deeper dive and market data. 

Compound Feeds and Additives, Brookside Agra 

The quest for new products is never-ending in a world where the demand is increasing for more all-natural products with no antibiotics. 

Full Report: Compound Feeds and Additives: Global Markets 

Emergency Equpiment, Morrison Medical  

While it’s possible to enhance EMS items with greater technology and improved materials, we’ve got to balance that with its main purpose: to secure a patient and get them to treatment quickly and efficiently. 

Full Report: Ambulance and Emergency Equipment: Global Markets 

Functional Foods, Springfield Creamery/Nancy’s Yogurt 

We believe consumers will continue to utilize probiotics as an important foundation to maintaining their health and that there will be continued studies focused on utilization of probiotics in the clinical setting. 

Full Report: Functional Foods and Beverages: Global Markets 

Humanoid Robots, Agility Robotics 

In 10 years, it will be much more common to see humanoid robots moving packages, delivering packages from autonomous vehicles, and starting to serve inspection tasks in dangerous places such as hydroelectric dams or under factory floors. I think it will compare in many ways to the automotive industry in terms of growth - doubling every year for 100 years and more, until they are ubiquitous in our lives. 

Full Report: Humanoid Robot: Applications, Verticals and Global Markets 

Medication Adherence, MyMeds 

The trend in the next 10 years will be focused on bringing patients to the center using digital + human technologies. During this pandemic, one of the most important things that has been lost is the power of human connection and touch. 

Full Report: Medication Adherence: Systems, Technologies and Global Markets 

Metal-Organic Frameworks, Novomof 

The metal-organic framework (MOF) applications with the greatest market potential over the next five years are: Gas separation and purification, Electronics (e.g. sensors), and medical applications. 

Full Report: Metal-organic Frameworks: Global Markets 

Paints and Coatings, The Shepherd Color Company 

The industry faces continued increases in the importance of ‘sustainability’ and what that means. This applies to different attributes in the coating industry from raw material sourcing and production method, to reduced energy demand due to coatings performance properties, to reduced life-cycle-costs and increased recyclability. ‘Black Swan’ events like COVID-19 show how the way we do business and new focus like antimicrobial and air-quality can change quickly. 

Full Report: Global Markets and Advanced Technologies for Paints and Coatings 

Self-Service Kiosks, 22MILES 

Touchless and contactless experiences will become a new norm. More mobile applications may trigger or remotely operate video walls, interactive displays and digital solutions. Experience centers will be further developed to show off an organization's product line, make visits more immersive and reduce human interaction. Video walls will also become more immersive and interactive through app triggers, social media integrations and even gesture or voice controls. 

Full Report: U.S. Self-Service Kiosks Market 

Solid-State Batteries, Framergy 

Advances in solid electrolytes and low cost manufacturing methods will undoubtedly redound to the benefit of battery powered devices throughout the market and application spectrum, including IoT, medical and related sensor devices. 

Full Report: Solid State Battery: Global Markets 

Superconductors, AML 

In the next few years perfect-field magnets will become available to the industry. 

Full Report: Superconductors: Global Markets 

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