Goal Setting Resources for Entrepreneurs

Goal Setting Resources for Entrepreneurs


Jan 27, 2020

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As an entrepreneur, there are a million things that demand your attention. It can be a bit overwhelming to keep an eye on bigger goals when you’re focused on all the details.

That’s where goal setting and planning comes in. And as it so happens, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. 

To best help you achieve your goals, we’ve come back with another resource roundup—a compilation of articles, social media accountsand more, designed with your needs in mind.     

Fromutilizing market research, to understanding the process of setting up realistic goals, we’ve got you covered.  

Tips for Successfully Setting Goals 

Setting goals is simple in theory but can be a complex process when you attempt to implement it. That’s because there’s a variety of small steps that you need to take into consideration, and everyone’s needs are different. Below is a list of resources for entrepreneurs specifically, to give you better steps, tips and processes for setting goals. 

  • Here are ten tips that you can implement to help not only create goals, but follow through on them. (Forbes)  
  • This article walks you through a 7-step formula to successful goal setting. (Entrepreneur.com) 
  • Keeping it simple and intuitive is key. This article presents exactly that. (Inc.)  

 How Market Research Helps with Goal Setting 

A big part of setting goals for your company is knowing the path that you want your company to goAnd you can’t decide which direction is right for your company without the help of market research Below is a compilation of resources to help you have a solid grasp on the importance of market research in the formation of your goals. 

  • One big part of goal setting in a new company is having a business plan. This article explains the importance of having market research back up said plan. (redalkemi.com)
  • Market research enables you to define your business objectives. This article breaks that down. (bl.uk) 
  • Market research also gives you the foundation you need for your business. Here’s an ultimate guide to market research for Entrepreneurs. (Medium)

Utilizing Marketing Trends for Goal Setting 

A big part of a successful business plan is a good marketing strategy. When it comes to creating your marketing goals, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of marketing trends and elements to implement in your own goal setting. 

  • Here are 6 key trends in the marketing realm that we’ll be seeing more of in 2020. (Smart Insights) 
  • There are a variety of marketing trends that can benefit you as an Entrepreneur. These 10 trends are worth looking into and deciding which ones work best to help you achieve your goals. (Forbes) 
  • This article will help you identify marketing trends that help you with long-term goal setting. (bl.uk) 

Key Insights fromBCCSocial Media 

In case you’ve missed it, wepostedsome great resources forentrepreneursonTwitter: 

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