Goal Setting Resources for Company Leaders

Goal Setting Resources for Company Leaders


Feb 3, 2020

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As the leader of a big corporation, there are a million things that demand your attention. When it comes to goal setting, it’s important to know how to set goals for yourself, as well as help your employees set goals that drive company success.

It can get tricky to balance it all, and that’s where we come in. To help you and your team achieve your goals, we’ve come back with another resource roundup—a compilation of articles, social media accounts and more, curated with your needs in mind.

From using market research as the foundation for goal setting, to understanding the process of creating a strong marketing plan and events to attend in 2020, we’ve got you covered.

How Market Research Helps with Goal Setting

Goal setting is simple in theory but can be a complex process to implement. That’s because there’s many small steps that you need to consider, and everyone’s needs are different.

Below is a list of resources for business leaders specifically, to give you better steps, tips and processes for setting goals.

  • When it comes to goal setting, there are some best practices for CEOs and leaders. This article takes a dive into what that looks like. (GrowtheResource.com)
  • Some goals are formed through the collaboration of managers and employees. This article walks you through the how-tos of doing so successfully. (Trustradius.com)
  • For CEOs, company finances tend to be their top priorities. But as this article breaks down, there are other goals needing their attention and pursuit. (Khorus.com)
  • This article provides SMART goal examples specifically for company leaders. (TheBalancesmb.com)

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Utilizing Marketing Trends for Goal Setting

Marketing is an essential part of a business and can be the catalyst to better growth and overall results. However, you need to have a good understanding of the role marketing plays in goal setting. Below is a compilation of resources to help you navigate the oftentimes muddied waters of the digital marketing world and understand how it can better help you and your team.

  • The best place to get tips on marketing trends is from marketing leaders themselves. Here are five tips for leaders on the marketing front. (Forbes)
  • Here are 6 more tips for building thought leadership into your marketing plan. (Smartbugmedia.com)
  • This article breaks down ways that CEOs can support their marketing teams. (Forbes)
  • The best way to ensure your marketing plan is up-to-par is to stay on top of the trends as they shift. This article provides five disciplines to help you with that. (Entrepreneur.com)

Events for Corporate Leaders to Attend
Events or presentations can be both a fun and useful way to learn about new technologies, systems and more that you can integrate into your goals. Below are a list of events and conventions that can be extremely beneficial for you or your employees.

  • AUTM’s 2020 Annual Meeting is coming up in March and it brings more than 2,000 technology transfer professionals together. It doesn’t hurt that it takes place in San Diego! (BCC will be there!)
  • Here is a list of conferences, specifically for CEOs and leaders, to attend in 2020. (Forbes)
  • NBAA’s 2020 Leadership Conference is taking place this February, and is a good way to start out the year. (nbaa.org)
  • When it comes to leadership development, specifically, here are 11 conferences to attend in 2020. (Forbes)

Key Insights from BCC Social Media

In case you’ve missed it, we posted some great resources for company leaders on Twitter:

Industry trends are not the only things changing this #decade. Make sure you’re on top of your #marketingplan. These 6 trends are a good place to start! @DaveChaffey #smartinsights Read about it here.

When it comes to #technology what does the future hold when it comes to work? @Forbes shares some interesting #trends that will #disrupt the way we work in #2020. Read about it here.

How company leaders and employees can overcome the fear of failure so that true #innovation can occur, according to @ChiefExecGrp #TuesdayThoughts #techtransfer Read about it here.

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