Companion Diagnostics: An Overview

Companion Diagnostics: An Overview


May 21, 2024

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Companion diagnostics (CDx) are diagnostic tests specifically designed to identify patients likely to benefit from a particular treatment. They provide essential information to guide treatment decisions.

The global companion diagnostics market is on the rise. In 2023, it was estimated at $7.6 billion, and it is projected to reach $15.4 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.2%.



Companion Diagnostics: Technologies and Markets

The global market for companion diagnostics is estimated to increase from $7.6 billion in 2023 to reach $15.4 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.2% from 2023 through 2028.

Key Factors Driving the Market:

Several key factors drive the rapid expansion of the companion diagnostics market. First, the increasing global incidence of cancer underscores the urgent need for tailored treatments. As cancer diagnoses increase, complementary diagnostics are introduced to identify specific biomarkers associated with several types of cancer, guiding clinicians toward targeted treatments that promise the highest efficacy. Second, the growing popularity of personalized medicine has expanded the need for companion diagnostics, as these tests play a vital role in matching patients to treatments tailored to their genetic makeup and personal characteristics. Moreover, the versatility of companion diagnostics, expanding its scope from oncology to non-oncology areas such as cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and neurology, is further driving the market growth. Finally, companion diagnostics can help optimize drug development costs by streamlining clinical trials by identifying the right patient populations earlier in the process, resulting in more efficient and targeted drug development. This precision medicine approach improves patient outcomes and benefits pharmaceutical companies by reducing costs and improving success rates.

Market Players and Impact of COVID-19

The companion diagnostics market features several key players, each contributing to advancements in personalized medicine. These companies develop innovative tests, collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, and drive research in this field. Some of the notable players include ABBOTT, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, and Illumina.

Abbott Laboratories is a global healthcare company specializing in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals. They excel in developing companion diagnostics, which are tests aiding in identifying patients likely to respond to specific targeted therapies, thereby enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a prominent provider of scientific instruments, reagents, and services. Notably, their Oncomine Dx Target Test has received FDA approval as a companion diagnostic for detecting HER2 activating mutations in non-small cell lung cancer. This approval signifies its role in guiding treatment decisions for targeted therapies.

Agilent Technologies is renowned for its contributions to life sciences and diagnostics solutions. Their focus on companion diagnostics involves developing key technologies like polymerase chain reaction (PCR), immunohistochemistry (IHC), and next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms, which are integral for accurate diagnosis and treatment in healthcare.

Illumina, Inc. leads in genomic sequencing technologies. Their next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms are pivotal for comprehensive genomic profiling, crucial in identifying genetic alterations in cancer patients. This capability allows for tailored therapies, optimizing patient outcomes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruptions in the companion diagnostics business, which is dominated by well-established Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies with manufacturing facilities in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and other parts of the world. Supply chains for these products are hampered by social distancing measures and shutdowns in affected countries.


Companion diagnostics represents a change in thinking in healthcare, empowering clinicians to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. As we venture further into the realm of personalized medicine, CDx will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare – one patient, one treatment at a time.

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