BCC And Friends: COVID19 and 4D Printing

Our Content Writer Clara Mouawad sat down with Nicole Hone, an industrial designer and graduate student of Victoria University in Wellington, for a brief discussion about how the 4D printing market will shift as a result of corvonavirus.

4D printing

Below are her thoughts on the implications of COVID19 on 4D printing technologies.

4D printing could offer advantages for the medical industry, helping to overcome challenges presented by the coronavirus. Research into 4D printing, combined with smart materials and soft robotics would offer an enhanced ability to programme movement into the materials and help automate systems used by people.

This could lead to designs that minimise doctor-patient interactions and even change the way the general public interact with objects and other people.

Get additional insight from Nicole into the market for 4D printing and programmable materials by downloading our free white paper.

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Written by Sarah Greenberg on Apr 8, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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